Ballroom Dance Recital

Ballroom dance recital in Dance Fever studio June 4th @ 4:00pm   Performances by kids and adults, drinks and snacks and professional dance performances by teachers and owners from Russia. Get your tickets by phone (805)941-0407 Adults/$20 Kids/$15  

Week of FREE Dance Classes!

Join us for a week of FREE Dance classes for Kids&Adults!   March 6th-12th at Dance Fever Studio   Monday, March 6th 3:30pm-3-4y.o Baby Ballroom 5:00pm-8-16y.o Kids Ballroom 5:45pm-Dance Fitness 6:30pm-Lady’s Styling 7:30pm-Salsa (All levels) Tuesday, March 7th 8:30am-Dance Fitness 9:30am-Ballet for Ballroom 4:45pm- Kids Hip Hop Wednesday, March 8th 8:30am- Dance Fitness 9:15am-Stretching 4:30pm-3-4y.o…