Dance Classes for Kids & Teens


Dance Fever Studio is the Santa Barbara area’s premier studio for kids’ Ballroom and Latin dance. With a talented and professional staff comprised of the world’s best ballroom dancers, we offer unparalleled opportunities for kids in Dancesport.

For younger children, we emphasize basic steps and rhythm. These classes combine Ballroom and Latin styles with fun social dances like swing and disco. For older students, more emphasis is placed on technique, musicality, and partnering. Dancers young and old have the option of participating in Dancesport competitions too. If they choose to dance competitively, we offer private coaching as well as classes that focus especially on competition. Whether students compete or just dance socially, everyone has the opportunity to perform in the all-studio showcase at the end of each session.

Tailored for each age group

For young children, we offer classes that combine international Latin and Standard Ballroom; these classes also incorporate fun social dances like disco and swing. Basic steps and rhythm are emphasized as children are introduced to a variety of styles.

For older children and youth, classes are broken up by age and level. The international style is highlighted, with emphasis on technique, rhythm and partnering. Check our schedule and speak with an instructor to find the right class for your child. We also encourage you to take advantage of our introductory offer for new students.

We also offer a Stretching Class, a wonderful way to improve overall flexibility and strength and a valuable component to dance training. Private stretching sessions are also available.

Private lessons and semi-private lessons are the best way to help kids quickly improve. Whether your child is a beginner or a seasoned veteran, our experienced teachers work closely with the student to cultivate not only skills and repertoire, but a sense of confidence as well.

In the summer, our offerings include the Dance Workshop, a daytime program that includes dance and fitness as well as arts and crafts and outdoor activities.

Private Dance Lessons for Kids

There is nothing better than private instruction to help a dancer grow quickly and reach his/her full potential. One-on-one coaching allows the teacher to focus on the individual student, working to improve technique, presentation, and overall knowledge of steps and vocabulary. Students may compete with their coaches in the Singles divisions–so even those who do not have a regular partner can have the opportunity to participate in dancesport competitions. Whatever the individual dancer’s goal may be, our coaches are passionate about engaging with and mentoring their students.

Private lessons are available by appointment. We can also arrange for Semi-Private lessons. Please contact us directly for more details.

Practice Nights

We also hold regular Practice Nights, featuring rounds for competitive dancers. This is a fun way for kids and adults to run through routines and keep up endurance, while sharing the floor with other dancers and getting a feel for a competitive environment. We always play great music and keep an energetic pace as dancers cheer each other on. Check our website, sign up for our email list, or ask at the front desk for the next scheduled Practice Night. Parents are welcome to come watch their kids burn the floor as they prepare for competitions!