Vasily Golovin and Anastasia Banderovskaya moved from Saint-Petersburg, Russia to USA in 2010.

Both of them trained with World-Renowned Instructors. Vasily and Anastasia worked in Dance Fever studio in Newton, MA for 2 years and in 2013 they decided to move Santa Barbara, CA where they opened franchise of Dance Fever studio.The Dance Fever Studio franchise is owned by former Lithuanian champions Emil and Ruta Ioukhnikov. You can learn more about their story here.

Dance Fever studio have been recognize as the largest children’s/youth ballroom dance studio in US.

We have opportunities for every age group and every level- whether you’re an adult looking for a fun way to get fit, an engaged couple looking for help on your wedding dance, or just someone looking to gain some confidence and some dance skills, we encourage you to join us at Dance Fever Studio Santa Barbara.
Thanks to your ongoing support and enthusiasm, Dance Fever Studio continues to grow and flourish. With students ranging from 3 to 80 years old, it is truly a community with opportunities for anyone who seeks to dance. Come join us if you haven’t already – we know you’ll love the experience.

Vasily & Anastasia